Glowish for iOS

To be precisely for me, I find iPhone apps to be one of the best kinds I can suggest for users when I require to recommend apps for usage, since they’re usually advantageous enough while being cherishing good aspects at the same time. I always look out for new mobile apps like this popular app namely Glowish for iOS.

Glowish for iOS by The One Pixel is the sequential puzzle game that widely proves itself as true brain teaser. It carries a super minimalistic aesthetic which is so pleasing on the eyes. They are level-based, and players must go through the stages in chronological order.

The game adeptly features simple design which is appealing, and it’s effectively complete with atmospheric music and sounds. The key goal of the game is simple where players should get all of the colored shapes to light up. When zeal players touch a shape, all other switches share the same shape or color light up as well. Even though it sounds facile they are much harder than it looks on the surface.

Glowish for iOS

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